August 6, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

My followers, or at least a couple of them, spoke loud and clear last week..."more women of color wanted."  I have nothing against women of color and will be happy to post them when I find them.  Most of the artistic style nude or semi-nude sites I visit and find my pictures, have very few if any minorities.  I even spoke with Hedone about this via email yesterday.  She searches for such pictures herself and has problems finding them.  To sum up...I will be more than happy to post pics containing women of color if I find ones that are suitable for my blog and series. 

Having said all that...Hedone submitted to me a pic she loved, which is also a woman of color. I will gladly post it and make it the first picture this week.  For all my female followers, I have also thought of you this week and have a few male pics as well.  I hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend! 

Let Fantastic Ass Friday begin!!!


  1. #6...Bite my ass like that!!!


  2. Great FAF!!!
    It is amazing that it is so hard to find women of color for your post. If I see any I will forward them. Thanks for adding the guys this week, very nice choices!!!

  3. Number 3 and 4 get my vote. I love a round ass. Oh my goodness...number 3 has wonderful, muscular humps.