August 16, 2010

A Picture Is Worth...

From time to time, usually anonymously on formspring,  I get asked about my style of operation.  What kind of Dominant I am and how do I apply it to my submissive.  This is always a hard thing to answer.  It certainly can't be answered in a short manner.  The short version is passionate and caring.  Someone that respects and appreciates all his submissive is for him, and herself.  Not at all overbearing, or overly strict.  Yet, I can be stern and demanding, expect open honest communication at all times, and I expect her to be willing to accept and explore her submission and let me guide her to new depths in feeling and understand.  That is me in an abbreviated nutshell.  Theoretically, we could go back and forth for weeks on specifics, but we shall not begin that arduous journey today.

I have seen one specific picture on a lot of the picture blogs as of late.  (see below)  It keeps making it's way around and it catches my eye every time.  I think because it says so much without saying a thing.  It comes across to me as the type of Dominant I am, and the type of submissive that suits me well.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one speaks volumes. 

You now have a little more insight into who and what DV is.  If you are like me, then this only raises many more questions, and answers very few.  Enjoy the mystery!


  1. DV,

    Every time you post I feel I have gotten to know you better. I love how you can put your feelings and thoughts into written words. You are a beautiful writier and such an expressive and touching man.

    Am I getting to mushy? I cant help it, as you know I write what I feel :)


  2. DV Sir,

    That's a beautiful picture and yes it does explain where words fail.