August 26, 2010

Is It Your Destiny?

I was in the car yesterday driving down the road, and heard a song i haven't heard in a long time.  As I do with many things these days, when I hear a song I naturally try to apply it to my life (which usually revolves around D/s in some sort of thinking).  Some of you probably know this already from some of the songs and lyrics I have previously posted.  The song I heard was "I'll Be Over You"  by Toto.  the song itself does not apply here, but the first verse does:

Some people live their dreams
Some people Close their eyes
Some peoples destiny
Passes by

When I heard this it immediately made me think of D/s and TTWD.  I have read about, followed and talked with a lot of subs who have come out of the closet, so to speak.  They realized that this is a part of them they couldn't deny any longer.  This was an interest and a need for them and they had to investigate further.  When they did, what they found was...well, themselves.  They finally were seeing and figuring out who they really are and need to be.  They realize that they aren't a freak for having these feelings and there is a reason behind it.  They are finally seeing, many times after a lot of years, that this is their destiny.  It's who they are and they can no longer fight it.  They feel more free in finding this, accepting it, and embracing it, then maybe they have felt in their entire life. 

I won't say this is exclusive to a submissive.  I think there are Dominants that feel the same way and have the same revelations.  I would put myself in that category.  I always knew I was a bit more dominant n the bedroom.  It wasn't until I came across some information and began reading and researching, that I really discovered more about myself.  And now...well I'm a work in progress.

So the it all comes down to this.  Will you live your dreams?  Will you accept who you are and enjoy that in it's entirety?  Or...Will you keep ignoring it, close your eyes, and let life pass you by?


  1. DV Sir,

    I think that I'm pretty good at living my dream now but there was time that I was more than happy to close my eyes and let it all pass by.


  2. Hi DV,
    Once I finally got it I started only dating dominant men who enjoy spanking. In no time at all I found my match. Life gets so much easier when we accept who we are and design our lives around that.

  3. i was 48 when i finally embraced who i really was...and now i couldn't be happier!..

  4. Mouse...I think you live it pretty well myself. I have no doubts though that you once hid and denied and had to be brought out.

    MaryAnne...I find that once you go this route, it is very hard to go back to anything other than this. If you need regular spankings, it would be very difficult to be in a vanilla relationship. I totally get that and understand it.

    HMG...Better late than never. I think so many women, or even men for that matter, never embrace it and accept it. It just seems to wrong to them, and the standards set forth by society about how people should behave and act is too much for them to overcome. they are denying themself the pleasure and freedom of being who they are and remain miserable. Just like you, if they could only come to terms with it, then they would probably be happier than they have ever been.


  5. You captured the sentiment perfectly here... in exploring the path i am now on, i have found myself. there's a sense of completeness i feel that affirms the sometimes radical choices i've made as i journey deeper and deeper into submission. in particular, i have found a paradoxical freedom in relinquishing control. thanks for the insightful post!

  6. Discovery is an ongoing process. What I thought I wanted last year is not what I want now. It has evolved. Maybe it is a subset...or has morphed, but it continues to change and I grow. But when you discover something that is "you" know it, without a doubt. :)