May 18, 2010

"I'm On Fire!!!"

How many times have I been told this in my life?  "My pussy is on fire!!!  God what you do to me!"  I don't think I have enough fingers and toes to count that high.  Oh wait a second, yes I do, and probably on one hand.  LOL! Sorry, I was having one of those fantasy moments.  In all seriousness though, I have heard it a few times.  Some have been in emails and chat, while a couple have been live and in person. This is something you just can't look away from.  the thought that you were able to affect a woman to the point that she feels her pussy is on fire and feels it burning through her body...well, that's a feat for anyone. 

I won't say that "The Burning Pussy Syndrome" (BPS) is confined strictly to submissive women, by any means.  Yet, submissive women are the ones I have dealt with who have shared this feeling with me.  And mostly it has come from newly discovered submissive women.  From reading the blogs, I know a lot of women have this feeling of being so aroused and turned on that the heat between their legs is enormous.  Yet, they have experienced this enough to expect it.  A newly found submissive seems to be surprised by this occurrence.  Maybe she hasn't felt it before, or maybe it's just been a really long time.  Either way, she seems to be amazed at the heat build-up and the level of arousal she is experiencing.  This doesn't have to even be by means of physical contact.  It can be felt just by chatting or by emails.  It's the mental connection with what is said, and how it is said that strikes a chord deep in the core of who she is and needs to be.

Earlier today I was reading the post Always in the mood... by Ariia on My Master's Slave.  In this post she was discussing the notable difference in libidos between herself and her vanilla friend.  I think there is a good reason for this, although I'm sure it doesn't apply to everyone.  Submissive women have a tendency to be very open.  they have cleared their mind of a lot of the barriers and societal parameters most women feel they must adhere to.  Once a woman realizes she is not restrained (no pun intended) by expectations, and she is free to think and behave as a submissive, and that it is perfectly acceptable to do so, then she frees her body to experience new sensations.  When the barriers are down, and and nothing is holding back her thoughts, no matter how raunchy or slutty, her mind, emotions and body will all respond in a positive manner.  It's a big step for a lot of women to accept that it is ok to not only like sex, but to want it and need it.  And in some cases...constantly.

Given all this, it's no wonder she feels heat between her legs like never before.  She has never allowed herself to think and feel this freely about her sexual side before.  She is now allowing herself to be who she needs to be.  She needs to feel the fire in her pussy.  Once she gets a taste of it, she only needs it more.  She didn't know her pussy could feel this great, yet achy in need, all at the same time.  She didn't know she could get this wet either.  This is her new drug...her cocaine...her meth.  She got a taste and now she's addicted.  The monster wants the drug, and WANTS IT NOW!!! 

Welcome to finding yourself to all the new little submissives.  This is only the beginning for you, and it will only get better.  there will always be bumps in the road, but they are manageable.  This will be one of the best rides of your life, so enjoy every minute of it!


  1. Damn, this is a hot post (pun very much intended!)!!! :) And you are so right - for a submissive, the first time that you (and your body) realize that you don't have to conform to any strict definitions of how an "acceptable" woman would/should act in the sack it's like the world opens up...along with your legs...over and over again! :) It's wonderfully liberating and the ensuing sexplosion can be life-altering...ahhh...

    Great post, DV!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. My lizard loves sex but she has not quite broken those bonds yet. I am trying to help her with that. I wish she could meet you!

  3.'re right, a whole new world opens up. I like how you say it is "liberating". That's a great choice of words for it.

    OC...Thanks! I've had that pic in my stash for a while. I finally found a good post to use it. :)

    NDT...From what I have read, you have a done a great job with getting her to where she is now. Everyone moves at a different pace, and you two have come a long way. Keep up the good work and she'll get there, or at least get to where you want her to be. As long as you both are happy with where you are, then thats all that matters.


  4. Wow! Thanks so much for the link back to my blog! I was telling Master that just reading his text can make me wet for him. I've never been so turned on so often before. It gets to the point where I wake up dripping and randomly throughout the day just the mere thought of him can really get me going!!

    And you're right I LOVE being so free and available to him. In past relationships I never got enough and the "men" I was with couldn't keep up with my libido. One even went so far to call me a freak for always being horny.

    THANK GOODNESS I'm not alone in this! And I'm even more happy to have found a Master who not only keeps up, he goes above and beyond!


  5. DV Sir,

    Omega calls it sub frenzy I think. Dunno. But ya that's the way I feel all the time now it seems. It's hard to concentrate on regular things when there's that much other stuff rattling around.

    The only thing worse is being to pushed to that point (of being on fire) and just left hanging there.


  6. A most excellent post DV. Very astute.

    I agree submissive women (as in D/s submissive) have let down the barriers that impede them from really experiencing good sex. It's even better if you are totally in tune with your body so that you can home in on all sensory things happening. It's purely exquisite.

    Great photo, too.

    *mumbles, is it Friday yet?*

  7.'re welcome for the reference, and thanks for your post as well. What you said made me think. You seem to be rare in that usually it is the men horny all the time, and not being outdone by a woman. so this begs the question, as it relates to my post: Are women in general typically less sexual than men, or are they that way because that's how they are told they are supposed to be? Hmmmm!

    Mouse...I agree that being pushed to that point, and then left hanging is is an internal battle of torture. although I'm sure O uses that sometimes in his lessons for you. But one would like to think that if they get to that point that there is a finish and relief to it in the end.

    Hedone...I agree! I think once the barriers come down, and you begin to experience things on a much more in tune and intense level, then you become more aware of your body and all the other senses kick in.


  8. I love this post. You always seem to know how us submissives feel. I think when a woman figures out that they don't want to play games anymore and becomes totally open and honest within herself and to her man the sexual expirence becomes so strong and great.


  9. DV
    i love your post! It has taken some getting used to though this constant state of arousal, and yes sometimes it is an aching need that pushes everything out of my mind but Him..making even simple tasks a

    mouse: i like the term sub fits!

  10. Carrie...thanks! I agree that once you open your mind to the possibilities, then the experiences are endless. It's getting there that so many seem to have trouble with.

    Mountain Girl...Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. As a Dom, what you mention is something we like. Being so deep in your head, that doing and thinking of anything else is a chore. But that's one of the up sides to this. Being that into and connected with someone that everything about them and your relationship is always at the forefront of your mind and thoughts.