January 9, 2012

Needles and Piercings

I consider myself a open minded person.  I tend to be able to look at a lot of things others find offensive, and maintain an objective view.  I try to comprehend situations that I don't have a clear understanding about.  Yet, as a Dominant, there are certain things I just don't get.  There are certain things that do not interest me and I don't want to participate in.  I guess in TTWD, these things would be called limits, and for me they would be hard limits. 

More specifically, this post is about needle play and piercings.  At least I guess that is what you would call it.  I'm not talking about piercings of ears, nipples or genitals.  I'm talking about piercings up and down your whole body.  In needle play, this would be needles up and down a big portion of your body.  Let me say that I do see an artistic side to some of this...multiple piercings, with ribbon run through them, to look like a corset...needles all along the side of a woman's body.  It can have an interesting look to it. 

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Well, you know I'm going to attach pictures for you.  In these pictures, I can see a certain artistic flair.  And maybe it's not much different than some people getting tattoos, or more standard piercings.  I'll just say that as much as I may see the artistry in this, it's not something which I would ever want to participate.  I would never ask or require a woman to mark and pierce her body in such a way that would leave permanent marks such as this. 

So, what are your thoughts on this?  Tell me your opinions and point of view.  I'm curious how others may see this.


  1. Firstly, I have to say that I'm drawn to the first image you've posted, not because I would ever want that doing to myself, but because I love both the artistry, and the intense eroticism I find within it.

    Secondly, needles are a no for me....I'm needle phobic, can't even look if I'm having blood taken.
    But there is something beautiful about the corsetry in particular. My concern would be a practical one, what happens if a piercing gets snagged? Or one becomes infected?
    I have to say that it's not for me at all, but I appreciate the artistic appeal.

  2. These images are stunning, beautiful. And they do appeal to me in a very deep way. I have been fascinated by needles - by the idea of needles being used on me, since i was very young. It is the only think i can identify as having been "deviant" in my makeup until more recently. The first time i read about needle play i was blown away; the impact on me was huge and unexpected and confusing. There are other things, that i feel the same way about as you do needles; but - apparently needles are a kink of mine.

  3. Powerful images.. they are beautiful, and yet when i realize all the piercings and pain, i cringe from the imagined pain of it.

    I'd love to hear these models describe what it's like for them.

    I wonder if it's similar to having larger scale tattoos.

    Two piercings in each ear (only one of which I use), a naval piercing i havent used for years, and a tongue piercing i had for two months as a freshman in college...that's about it for me i think. I'm not too into pain though.

  4. Ugh.

    I do see the artistry, but the permanent damage overrides it in my brain. You can see how the skin is being tugged in the third photo.. and just imagine trying to sleep with all those rings in your back!

    Perhaps they don't stay there all the time - but it's not like you can put them in and take them out yourself, is it?

    Not for me.

  5. I'll admit the photos make me shudder a little. But I could see enjoying having it done to me. Do they really leave permanent marks though? Obviously some of them do, but in other corset photos I've seen, they look temporary.

    I *think* (although I may be wrong) that some of the needle play can be done without leaving a lasting impression (at least not a physical one. lol).

    love, squirrel

  6. As a child I had to endure allergy tests which consisted of a needle being inserted just under my skin, then serum pumped in. It formed a little bubble of the serum and if I reacted, they knew I was allergic.
    Each visit I received between 40 and 100 injections. I endured many visits and I do mean "endured".
    No, this is not one of my kinks.

  7. It's beautiful to look at, but it makes me wince at the pain they must have endured to look like that.

    Not for me, though:)!


  8. They are awfully pretty, aren't they?

    Having watched needle play a couple of times, i'll say that the recipient seems to be in much less pain than the people getting caned or doing some other kinds of play, but the ones i saw weren't having such extensive piercings done.

    I think that would be a "no" for me, although if i were involved with someone who really wanted it ~ you know, i don't know... i'd rather do that than get branded or any kind of scarification. I don't think it's permanent anyhow, although i'd be curious to find out for sure... Would it even be worse than a tattoo?

    Interesting post - and great pictures. Thanks!


  9. I find it beautiful. All of it. The feel of the needle as it pierces the skin, the wonderful place it takes me off to. The marks that he leaves when he chooses to.

    There is an incredible beauty in pain.

    Daddy's Girl

  10. To be totally honest, I find any and all forms of bodily injury, mutilation, disfigurement, defacement to be bad things, whether done to self or others.

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE needle play. I find it beautiful and artistic when done right, and I love the feeling of being pierced.

    I did a hook pull once. Two large hooks were inserted in my back, attached to ropes that I was able to pull against to the point that my upper body was completely suspended. The piercings are not that painful...much less than a caning or prolonged spanking. And they do NOT leave permanent marks if kept in only temporarily. Heck, even my healed eyebrow piercing that was in place for more than 10 years isnt even visible.

    My former Sir didn't much care for it either. But then, he did not gain anything from it the way that I did. To each his own. It certainly isnt for everybody.

  12. I am not experienced with this sort of piercing. I do love the repetition of pattern and artistry in them. I have been told that the piercings are only ever meant to be temporary and take in only the superficial layer of skin. They do not scar though like all invasive procedures there are always risks including Infection and scarring. Piercings on the neck come close to major blood vessels-not good. The practitioner's level of training is key in all this as well as regulation of the practitioner-are they registered with a governing body which has legislative and jurisdictional responsibilities?..I suspect not. No matter how loudly piercers shout about sterile technique..I have yet to see one who truly practices or in fact understands aseptic technique. Not one of my piercings has been without its complications usually local infection in areas with poor blood supply (belly) but then thats probably more than anyone wanted to know. :) piercings..enter at your own risk ;)

  13. i love these DV and find them beautiful to look at and even though i have no experience of piercings this is something that i would love to have done to me. Any volunteers!!!!...smiles

    blossom x

    1. Anytime :)

      More seriously, temporary piercings very rarely leave a mark. For many people they don't hurt much at all. To answer aisha's question they are a lot less painful than a tattoo. And you can make some lovely designs...

  14. I can absolutely see the aesthetic, but this HORRIFIES me. I do enjoy some smaller pain from time to time, but needles are a huge phobia and I don't think I could endure it, not even for my Sir.