January 13, 2012

FAF Playoffs - Finals

Welcome to the finals of FAF, for the second half of 2011.  We have had some good votes thus far in the first two rounds of the playoffs.  This week, in the finals, your will be choosing from the six finalists, as voted by you the viewers.  This will determine the winner of the second half of 2011.  The winner of this week will then go up against the winner for the first half of 2011, to decide the overall favorite Fantastic Ass of 2011. 

A special thanks to all of you that vote and stop by every week for FAF.  I appreciate your continued support.  Without further ado...I present the six finalists.  Good luck to your favorite!








  1. I am between 1 and 3!
    this is soo hard!
    #1, beautiful! sexy, and baddaboom that a$$ looks wonderful! the curves on that body!!

    #3 been my favorite since day one, it shapes like a heart, her hair, to me it looks innocent yet erotic at the same time!

    Why must you make it so hard DV?

  2. I'm voting for #3. Thank you DV for taking the time every week to share some erotic photos! Looking forward to more FAF!

    Fondly. Sky