January 16, 2012

Looking Back With No Regrets

Because of some recent conversations, I have done some reflecting.  I have at times sat down and taken a good hard look at my life and where it is.  I have looked at the road I have chosen and whether I have made the right decisions.  The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no, but hindsight is always 20/20. 

I have talked about music being an important part of many peoples lives.  We all have songs that have a special meaning to us.  It really doesn't matter what the intent of the song is, we all have the ability to take lyrics and make them fit us, or interpret them our own way.  That is the beauty of music and song.  A song that has been with me a lot lately is "September" by Daughtry.  This song has been out for a while, but I was enjoying and listening to it for about a year before it ever hit the airwaves. 

To me, this song is about loving the moment.  It's enjoying where you are and not wanting it to end.  Yet, you know deep down that things are gong to change at some point.  You don't know when or how, but they will change.  This is destiny and fate.  You never know who in your life might be a part of that change and who will not.  No matter what you will always have the memories of the good times.  You will always have memories of those that touched your life.  And if you are like me, you have no regrets for the way you have lived your life. 

You may have been  hurt or hurt other people.  You may have had heartache and joy, but when all is said and done..."reflecting now on how things could have been, it was worth it in the end".  The risk was worth it to reap the potential rewards.  I was listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio the other day and he said something that really stuck with me.  This may not be an exact quote but... "The pain of having never tried is far worse than the pain of having tried and failed."  I love this!  You can never reap the rewards if you don't even try.  Being afraid to try and wondering how it would be is no way to live.  I would much rather say I tried and failed, then didn't try at all, because the rewards are worth the effort if you do happen to succeed.   

Here is the video and song I mentioned - "September" by Daughtry.


  1. May all the changes end on a positive note

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Risk and change are part of growth and a life without either would be a pretty stunted experience.

  3. I usually just lurk here even though I follow every post ... but this one was particularly meaningful to me ... in the last two years I have tested so many barriers that I don't even recognize myself any more ... but if I had never had the courage to try and fail I would have gotten nowhere ... it was very hard at times ... and I had no idea where I was going ... many things went wrong along the way just as much as they went right ... but I have come so far and have nothing but hope for the future now ... so what you wrote is the best advice possible ... always have the courage to follow your dreams ...

  4. Mindset...than you so much!

    Alice...I agree, a stunted experienced does no one any good.

    Butterflyslut...thanks for de-lurking and letting your voice be heard. You have to find the courage and strength to move on. You have to follow what you feel is best, good or bad, and stay true to yourself. It's great that you found that courage and forged ahead even n the face of failure. It is through our failures that we learn and grow the most. The main point is to keep trying to reach your goal...even when you aren't sure exactly what your goal is. Thanks so much for stopping by!