October 24, 2011

An Open Letter Of Apology

To My Loved Ones:

Least to say, the past week or two have been killing me.  There has been so much going on, and it has me overly stressed.  I typically handle stress well, but this go around...not so much. 

There was the the whole computer crash, which has been a nightmare.  I've built my own computers before, and this time is no exception.  Only this time, getting things running has put me over the edge.  Any of you who have ever worked and worked on your computer for hours on end, putting on programs and transferring files, to only have it crash again a few hours later...well, you know how frustrating that can be.  Been dealing with that for two weeks.  Finally figured out the new hard drive I got was bad.  At least now I have an answer to all my misery.  New drive to arrive tomorrow.  Fingers crossed on installing smoothly.

Then there is work.  OH GOD...work!  So much going on, which I can't get into here, but it has put me in overload.  Unfortunately, this stress won't be going away any time soon.  I'm learning to deal with it though, and finding a more sunny outlook on things.  Throw in some of the travel I've had to do, and being overly tired (my own fault on the tired part), and that hasn't helped the stress any.

So...how does all this manifest itself?  DV can be a real ass!  Invariably you seem to take it out on those you care for the most.  Probably because the are nearby, and are the only ones you can take it out on.  Not to mention, if they don't fully understand what all you are dealing with and going through, then those that mean the most to you can actually add to the mayhem.  It's not their fault for all you are having to deal with, but they are the ones that receive the brunt of the frustration when it comes pouring out.  And this, by the way, certainly isn't fair to them.

With all this...I apologize for my recent behavior.  I have not been the kind of man I need to be.  I have not acted in a way that is strengthening of my relationships.  Farthest from my mind and ability is my being the Dom that I want and need to be.  There are times we all deal with stress and problems in our lives.  It's how we handle these times that define us.  You must be aware of yourself, your attitude, and the affect it has on others, during these times.  If you don't, you can create even more problems and stress that you already had, and that does no one any good. 

I am fully aware of my misgivings and the way I have handled things lately.  My deepest apologies to those I have hurt or caused grief.  It was not my intention in any way, and I should have conducted myself in a more favorable manner.  Those I love mean the world to me.  To know they have been hurt (emotionally, not physically) by my actions bothers me to my core.  Please accept my apologies and know that I still love you with all I have.  I would never intentionally hurt those I love and care for.  Cyber flowers are the best I can do right now (for reasons those concerned will understand, as real ones can't be sent)...please accept them as a sign of my regret and remorse.

With Love and Sincerity,



  1. It takes a very strong man to be able to admit he is only human.
    I hope things get better for you soon.

  2. We all hurt those we love at times. Recognizing that and apologizing shows you to be a man of great integrity.

    But we all knew that ;)

    I'm sure all will be good again soon. Take care, Sir.


  3. DV,

    Sorry to hear things are tough right now. I'd recommend a stress relief spanking however I'm not sure as a Dom that would help much.
    Whatever is going on I am sure those around you will understand as this post has made it very clear that you are truly sorry for all that has been happening.
    Try to take some time for yourself, even if just a few minutes. Stop and smell those cyber roses you sent and just de-stress. Life is too short for us to let stress ruin the good things in life.
    Hoping things work out,

  4. What a lovely open letter DV, and im sure those that it is meant for will see how sorry you are. But do take care of yourself, stress wise etc, you will be no good to anyone if you end up ill yourself.

    i am sure the ones you love will understand.

    blossom xx

  5. Please take care of yourself. :)

    I agree with Butterfly - it takes a strong man to see his mistakes, admit them, and apologize. I'm sure whoever the flowers and heartfelt apology are meant fir, will be appreciative and know that everyone falters now and again.

    Take care. Sky

  6. Thanks for the support ladies! I appreciate it more than you know!


  7. It's always easy to hurt those we care about, because 1.) they are close to us and 2.) they will often take it.

    That said, we're all human; it's great you can realize it and apologize, because THAT is what makes a real man.