October 21, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Thanks again to all of you that sent emails and asked where I have bee, or if I am ok.  I do appreciate you checking in on me.  I'm sure you are like me, and are having FAF withdrawals, so I couldn't miss two weeks in a row.  That would be absolutely horrible.  I mean...who cares if I write anything, but for goodness sake be sure and post the weekly asses.  LOL!

The winner from the last FAF is posted to the right.  I hope you all enjoy this week's choices.  Have a great weekend everyone...and may your most favorite of asses win the vote!








  1. Welcome back, DV! We've missed your company...and your asses! ;)

  2. Hi DV glad you up and around again, missed your posts oh and you of course!!!

    blossom x