October 16, 2011

DV Update

For those that have asked about me, thank you for checking in.  I am alive and well.  Things at work have been extremely hectic the past few weeks and show no signs of letting up.  So, not much online time at work.  (ARGH!) 

At home, my computer decide it didn't want to work anymore.  (Damn motherboard)  It is a system I built myself a few years ago.  I've spent the last week getting in new parts to build another one.  You might as well upgrade while you're at it, right?!?!  The new system is together, and after a lot of issues with bad drivers and Windows 7 installations, I finally have it back up and running, and all my files transferred.  Woohoo!  Now the only question is will it stay running.  LOL!  Time will tell, I suppose.

I have a week of travel coming up for work.  Hopefully after that I can try to get back in the swing of things.  Thanks again to those that checked in on me.  Take care everyone! 


  1. Hello there, DV! Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties, but glad to know that everything is A-Ok!

    FYI, I get the impression that many of your readers, myself included, may be experiencing FAF withdrawal symptoms!! I can barely type on account of the shakes! ;)

    Safe travels and hope to see you back here soon! :)

  2. Glad all is good, well except for the computer problems, went through that a bit back myself.

  3. Hellou! I know about the technical difficulties, my computer had some phase in which was giving me some headache. :) I hope it passed.

    Safe travels and hope to hear from you soon!

    Hugs & kisses,