July 8, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday - Mid-Year Playoffs

Thanks to all that participated in the first round of the mid-year playoffs.  I appreciate you all stopping by and placing your votes.  Remember...you can vote twice again this week.  Once each for two separate pictures.

I said last week that the top two would move on to the finals.  We had a tie for second place.  Rather than have a two day runoff for that position, I will move all three pics into the finals.  Again this week, the top two pics will move on.  They will meet next week against the three from last week, and the two pics that I
chose to move directly to the finals.

The three pics moving on from last week are posted to the right. 
Please encourage those you know to stop by and vote.  The more the merrier.  We had a good number of votes last week.  I would like to see twice that many this week.  Please vote for your two choices and voice your opinion.  If you don't vote...then you can't complain about who wins.

On to this week's pictures from the previous winners.  Enjoy!

FAF Playoffs - Round 2








  1. Very tough choice this week. Maybe if I could sink my teeth into each juicy bum that will help me decide :D ;p


  2. Ooooh! That's a great idea. We need to arrange a taste test to decide which is our favorite. I have a feeling though, that would make me want each one that much more, and I still couldn't choose just one or two. :)