June 16, 2010

A Joint Venture in Blogging

I have commented fairly regularly on the blog of Neo Dom Tom.  His blog is A Neo Dom's Journey.  He and his lizard, as he affectionately calls her, have a unique dynamic between the two of them.  Things between them are a bit different than any other D/s couple or relationship that I read about on the blogs.  I have indicated this to Tom several times in my comments.  Sometimes I think I'm getting a grasp on their relationship, and other times I feel like I can't catch on to it at all.  Regardless of my inability to figure them out (lol), I thoroughly enjoy reading about their exploits and following them. 

I received an email from Tom yesterday.  In an effort to assist me, and maybe anyone else, in better understanding he and his lizard, he presented me with a proposal.  He offered to let me ask five questions, any five questions, and he would put them on his blog and answer them, for everyone to read.  How could I not accept such an offer.  Of course, do you think I could think of five questions to ask, right off the top of my head.  Well hell no!  So I am sending him a question at a time.  He has been sent the first question, and should be published sometime today or tomorrow.

I encourage everyone to read and follow Tom's blog.  It is a very unique and fun blog to read.  Our joint venture in questions and answer should be enjoyable as well.  Not to mention, we should all gain some knowledge and insight along the way as well.  I for one look forward to submitting the questions, reading Tom's answers, and seeing everyone's comments.


  1. I too follow Tom's blog and think this will be very interesting reading. Maybe all of us bloggers out there should have our followers ask questions of us and then answer them.

  2. And I would definitely like to thank DV for all the helpful and insightful comments over the last year. This should be an interesting joint venture. First question answered!

  3. I love getting to know all those who are bloggers and Im sure Neo Dom Tom wont disappont us.