June 4, 2010

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

I have been so out of touch the last week and haven't been around.  Boy do I have some catching up to do.  Between the holiday weekend last week, busy work and family schedule, and being down in my back, I haven't had time to do much of anything...or felt like it for that matter.  But never fear!  I would not miss our weekly asses to get the weekend going. 



  1. Several nice ones this week DV. Good job!
    1. Cute little heart shape
    2. The chain makes it provocative
    3. Beautiful! Her back looks like a painting. Oiled and glistening brown skin is always sensual. Nice round buns.
    4. Mmmm. I fall right into those jeans. Hey! Remember the old The Gap commercials? Fall into the gap. I'd love to.

    Really can't stop looking at him. I want to lick the small of his back and wander down and bite his buns.

    Thank you for getting me all worked up.


  2. Hi there, DV, and welcome back! :)

    That first sandy bottom is absolutely perfect...wow! And I'm with Hedone on the second one too...that chain is so heavy and potentially restricting - too provocative for words! Thanks for the FAF pick-me-up!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  3. Hope your back feels better--I know how debilitating that can be. I'm guessing you know this already, but there are some great low-impact low-stress stretches you can do to strengthen your back and help avoid ongoing issues. I have a website at home that I can give you a link to if you are interested.

  4. 1 an 4 are my favs this week.

    I have missed your posts this week. I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for this weeks pictures. They were great


  5. The first one is just beautiful...and the last one looks like she is just asking for a good spanking!!...very nice.

  6. Hedone...thanks as always for your comments. You know i have to throw a guy in there every once in a while for you ladies. :)

    BG...Thanks and I agree. I really can't say which is my favorite this week. I like them all!

    Tom...I'm very familiar with all this unfortunately. Thanks for the info though.

    Carrie...thanks and I hope to be able to hang around a while. I didn't like being gone.

    HMG...You always gotta love a pic where the woman is just asking for a good spanking. really gets your mind going doesn't it?!?!