November 3, 2012

The Look In Your Eyes

The look in your eyes
The feelings never more true
You look fabulous
With me owning you

Your beauty shines
Your smile is bright
You have found happiness
In my glowing light

You finally see
The you that was hidden
Of your doubt and hesitation
You will now be ridden

You bring me my belt
And say "please make me feel
Your power and strength
Is so very real"

Your ass in the air
Waiting for lashes
Breathing deeply
You feel the first lashes

One, then two
Then three, then four
You hope I'm not done
You need many more

Your skin bears red stripes
From the crack of the belt
Finally you are alive
You have now felt

You completely let go
You had no choice
I made you go there
It's total rejoice

You blood runs hot
It burns like fire
Within you flows
A never known desire

All you want now
Is to give me more
Whether standing by my side
Or on your knees on the floor

 You let me inside
All those firmly built walls
And now all you want
Is to give me your all

Because deep inside
You know I care
I give love and support
And will always be there

The look in your eyes
The feelings never more true
You've never been happier
Than with me owning you



  1. Beautifully written:)! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I would charish these words if you wrote them for me.


  3. I do believe this is my first time here and I wasn't really planning to comment, just figured I'd look around a bit. But then I read this poem and I just had to tell you that I really liked it. Thanks for sharing it! :)