April 21, 2012

The Fire...

The fire burned
like she had never felt before.
She was discovering her true self
in things she never imagined.
She was reluctant
yet she was eager.
She remained guarded
yet inside she wanted to open up.
She needed him to see her.
To see all of her.
He was slowly setting up camp
inside her head and her heart.
She would try to fight the advances
but knew it was a losing battle.
Mere words were enough
to set her ablaze.
 He was all she had sought even though
she didn't even know what she was seeking.
She didn't know what she had needed
but he was showing her.
She didn't understand herself or have 
labels on this feeling inside,
but he seemed to know.
He seemed to understand.
He seemed to understand her better
than she even understood herself.
Most of all she found him to be strong
and confident and in control.
The further they went
The more she leaned into him.
The more she relied on him.
the more she gave to him.  
She was independent and strong
but he wasn't afraid.
He would lift her up,
 put her on his shoulders,
and light a fire under her that 
burned hotter than she had ever known.  
This was what she had sought.
This was what she had needed all along.
It was him all along...
And the fire only he could control.



  1. Lovely poem


  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Thank you so much.
    This resonates for me perfectly.

  4. O, i love this. Particularly:

    "He was slowly setting up camp
    inside her head and her heart."

    And of course, the warmth, the heat, of the fire "only he could control."



  5. Thank you all for your nice comments. Glad to know I can touch you in a way that affects you so.


  6. Oh, my... I'm totally speachless. It so beautiful. I hope you will keep on writing poems like this.

    Hugs & kisses,