April 13, 2012

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF)

Welcome to another springtime addition of Fantastic Ass Friday.  The place where the temperature is always high regardless of the weather outside.  I'm sure most of you are spending more and more time outdoors as the weather improves, but here on FAF we will provide a little reprieve for when you are indoors.  Last week's winner is posted to the right.

Thanks to everyone that continues to visit FAF, and please vote wile you are here.  Go ahead...tell all your friends and get them to vote as well.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Take are and enjoy the pics!








  1. I went for number 3, there is something very sexy in my mind about just wearing stockings and nothing else...visually stunning and yet so simple.


  2. I voted for #4 since there wasn't any eye candy for me...hint, hint! I really think you should put some male booties up;).


  3. Number three for me as well. Yum. There's a TON of ass pics on Pinterest by the way. Just google BDSM or "Ass" or "Butt" or what have you lol. I think of your FAF posts every time I find some good ones :)