April 23, 2012

The Fire (Part 2)

I received a submission from a reader that was inspired by my recent post "The Fire".   This is an account of how she sees and feels the fire within and with her partner.  I'm glad to know I could light the fire within to get the creative juices flowing in expressing how this feels to others.  Thank you for sharing and for being willing to share your work with everyone.  I think it's great to be able to see how others perceive and feed off what I have written.  I think many of my readers will be able to associate with these very feelings and thoughts. 


You are fanning the flame in me 
that was dormant until I met you.
When you touch me, 
my body, my soul, my heart
they come alive,
 and in such a way
that the flame can no longer be denied.
You won't allow me to ignore 
this fire anymore...
Teaching me the patience 
that comes with the slow burn.
Stroking the fire in me 
but in your time
and for your pleasure.
I want to move faster, 
jump in with both feet,
and my whole heart,
but you are in charge
 of this controlled burn...
Not wanting to move too quickly,
so I get scorched and scared away. 
The heat that is generated
when our bodies are together
 is like a wild fire in me...
Needing more and more...
to be with you, only you.
My fire longs for your control, 
for your command, for you...
The fire inside of me that you are nurturing
belongs to you,
wholly and completely,
only to you.

~anonymous reader~


  1. Just beautiful DV Sir.

    The image just nails it too.


  2. These are both so perfect. I love them.

  3. It is really, really lovely too.. And I agree with Mouse, the image just nails it too.

    Hugs & kisses,