January 31, 2011

Formspring Question - Being Under Protection

I recently received a question on Formspring in regards to "Being Under Protection" and what that means.  Unfortunately, the question was cut off so I didn't get to read the full question.  Yet, I think I got the main point of it.  For some reason my Fomspring does that.  It's like a text message, and only allows so many characters.  Anyway...

Rather than answer that here, I'm going to make a referral to another blogger and post.  She wrote about this very thing a couple of days ago, and I left a comment in regards to it.  The blogger I mention is Blossom, and her post is "Protector".  Click on the post title to go to it. 

I hope this helps to answer your question my dear anonymous formspring questioner.  If not, feel free to try again, or better yet, email me directly. 



  1. Har Har!
    I e-mailed you, its not like I'm trying to hide that it was me :) My laziness got the best of me. :)

  2. And thanks so much for your response. I was WONDERFUL! I actually quoted parts of it in the post I just made.