January 7, 2011

Fantastic Ass Friday (FAF) Playoffs

LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBBBLE!!!  (just for the record I know this saying is copywrited by the boxing announcer guy, but can't think of his name, so this is his credit)

Just as in football, it's time for the playoffs.  It is time to vote for your favorite of all favorite asses.  We will find a winner and declare the best ass of 2010.  I have adjusted the rules for the playoffs, just a bit, so read carefully below.  Here is how this will work:

- There have been 13 weekly winners so far, all voted for and chosen by you, my readers and fans.
- I will choose my favorite which will get a bye into the finals.
- Of the 12 remaining, there will be 6 to vote on this week, and 6 next week.
- The top two each week advance to the finals, along with my chosen favorite. 
- Since these are your favorites, and two will advance each week, I will allow each person two votes per week this week and next week, one for each of your favs.  Please only vote twice (Once each for two separate pics. This is for fun so please don't ruin it for everyone else.). 
- In the finals the ass with the most votes will be declared the winner. 

Any questions?  Good, I didn't think so!  On with the pictures and voting!  Here is Round #1...Enjoy!







Good Luck...DV!