January 16, 2011


I have been asked a few times if I am on FetLife.  The answer is yes!  I have connected with a few of you over there.  I'm not on there a ton, but I am on there.  I know, as I have read, that many of you happen to be on FetLife.  It does seem to be a pretty good location, with a lot a groups, interesting people, and some good information and view swaps on a variety of topics.  Best of all...it;s FREE!  Well unless you would like to make a donation to them, or watch the videos, in which case a donation is required.

Anyway, I am on there for those that care.  Come look me up and be my friend if you like.  I'm on there as DauntlessVitality, of course.  If you send me a friend request, and your profile name doesn't make you recognizable to me fro here, at least send me a message and give me some info and let me know who you are.  That is always better than a blind friend request. 


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