January 6, 2011

Do I What?

I came across this little snippet, which is an advertisement, from way back when.  It did make me laugh, but then again...does it have any truth to it?!?!  Hmmm...

Let me start by saying this...I don't condone beating anyone.  To me that sounds abusive and brutal.  Maybe you could say it this way back in the day, but in today's society that would get you hung on the courthouse square at high noon.  Anything physically done to another person, especially when it comes to inflicting pain, should be done with full consent of the receiving party.  Let me repeat that....it MUST be consensual.  Yet, by looking at the picture the activity in question seems to be something dear to most of us in this lifestyle...SPANKING!

I think almost all of us are or have been involved in some type of inflicted pain, whether you are the giver or the receiver.  It seems to be an ingrained part of the bdsm culture.  Not completely mind you, as everyone has their limits and things they want no part of, but the principle of it is there whether you participate or not.  Other than maybe some type of nipple play or torture, spanking would be the number one form of pain infliction, in my guesstimation anyway. 

I think there is room for some play in this arena for just about everyone.  Spanking can take on many forms, and be delivered by many sources.  You can use your bare hand, a paddle, a crop, whips, canes, and floggers.  Let's not stop there...bring out the household items such as hair brushes and wooden spoons.  You can use just about anything to spank or paddle someone, especially if you use your imagination.  The interesting part about all of these items is that they all cause sensations that are different.  The feel of them is different, the pain is different, and the marks they can leave are different.  So...just because you don't like being spanked with one item, doesn't mean you won't like another.  Of course a lot of it depends on how the item is used and with what force. 

My point is that in some form or fashion, we all can find a level of spanking that we find erotic and arousing.   I'm not going to get into the need for pain, or the submissive aspects in this post.  Just that many of us enjoy spanking.  Some of you may not.  And, some of you may be interested or curious and just haven't tried it, or are nervous about trying it.  I would encourage you to give it a go and see what you think, if you have never done it.  Start slow and easy and don't go too far too fast in the beginning.  Experiment with different items and feel the differences in how they feel.  Find the ones that like and dislike the most, and then work on things from there. 

I would love to hear from both sides on this...why you do and/or don't like spanking and why?  What is your favorite item to be spanked with?  Most unusual?  Your views?


  1. For me spanking is a fun and playful expression. I love it when I compel my partner to reach out and give my ass a little !smack! Like he can't help himself or something....who doesn't like that? Before I gave in to my sexuality, I did enjoy the pain aspect - under the experienced hand - no amateurs, please! It can help break down mental boundaries but again, he has to know what he is doing. Great post! xo - E.

  2. mmmmm..good question! actually i have several favorites each one feels different.i love the feeling of the crop..just the right amount of sting.And the flogger is wonderful for an all over sensation.but the spanking i get from Master's belt has to be the closest to my heart..to me it is extremely intimate.just the sound of Him taking His belt off stirs my soul.