February 1, 2012

FAF Weekly Winner Tie Breaker

Thanks to everyone that voted for FAF this week.  We had more votes than usual, and that is...well, fantastic.  Three of the pictures tied for the most number of votes.  We will have a tie breaker vote beginning today and ending Thursday evening.  If it is still a tie at that point then I guess DV himself will have to declare the winner by picking his favorite. 

Thanks and please vote only once for your favorite. 




  1. thats spooky DV, I was just flitting around FL and happened to bump into your profile there. Hmmm you are everywhere online.. :), and then I came here and you were the first on my list!

    L x

  2. i never got to vote last time, but luckily enuff the one i wanted to vote for is still here :D

  3. I have an afghan just like the one in picture 3. It was made by my Husbands Grandmother decades ago. I bet I will think of this beautiful picture whenever I pull it out out of the blanket pile now.