October 4, 2013

Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass! (Political Rant)

I consider myself patriotic, a supporter for what the America stands for, and a proud supporter of our military and all they do fur us, domestic and foreign.  Yet, what was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this picture today?  It wasn't the pride of the military personnel.  It wasn't the pride in the bid American flag.  It was that there goes our military marching home because our government is in compete shutdown.
And why is our government in complete shutdown?  Because we have a bunch of complete dumbass people, yes people we all have elected, who can’t get their head out of their ass long enough to see what their personal agendas are doing to this great country.  I’m not picking on or singling out the Republicans, or the Democrats, or even the President.  I’M CALLING OUT EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!!  Politics in this country has gotten so far away from what it should be and was designed to be that the political system in general is a complete and total clusterfuck.  
Every last one of them are too busy pushing their own agendas and what will line their pockets to do what is right or expected of them by those that elected them and that they are supposed to represent.  They all spend money the government does not have and keep raising debt ceilings so they can spend more.  (If we “normal people” tried that and conducted our business that way we would be broke and in jail)  They push programs and policies down our throat that a majority of people do not want.  The two political sides have gotten so far apart and to the extreme edges, it would take them weeks to even agree on what to have for lunch, no less how to run a country.  
For the past few years, the U.S. economy has been at the forefront of problems and concerns.  Money has been pumped into the economy to try to keep it going and get tings rolling again.  Unemployment is a major concern.  Our government is constantly looking of r ways to boost the economy or claim they are creating jobs.  Well don’t look now, but they just sent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people home without pay because the government is in shutdown mode.  How does that help the economy?  How does that help create new spending and jobs?  How does that keep more families from struggling?  And why?  Because being stubborn and standing by your Political Party and not giving in is apparently more important than the people who elected you and who you are supposed to represent.  Because apparently your own agenda is more important than all the people just sent home without a job.  Because now the workers that actually do help those that depend on the government can’t help, and those in need are that much more worse off then they already were.
Wake up Washington!  Get your head out of your Political Parties ass and see what you are doing to this great nation.  Take a look at what you are doing to this country.  You are making us much worse than you are better.  You are showing us all what you are really made of and why you really wanted to be elected…not for us but for yourself.  And yes, that goes for you too Mr. President.  You of all people should get off your high horse and own political agenda and realize what this is causing, and should be sitting in the middle demanding everyone get over themselves.  Instead, even the liberal media can see right through the fact that you are standing your own ground and not budging.  Your own agenda is more important than what is best for this country.  And I’m sorry, but your standing ground to raise the debt ceiling to so you can spend money we don’t have to push through your precious health care plan is not good for this country.  Especially at the expense of jobs and American people’s livelihood.  
I hope every last one of you get removed at the end of your political term just out of principle.  I don’t care what side you’re on or what Party you claim.  You should all be ashamed of yourself for letting it come to this and being involved in this in the first place.  
Rant over and you will now be rejoining your regularly scheduled blogs already in progress!


  1. What I really don't understand (remember I am Canadian) is why this is ALLOWED to happen at all? I am not talking the democratic process. This just happened - what 15 some years ago? Did the bureaucrats learn nothing? Why was some mechanism not put in place that would at least keep the cogs turning while the idiots ... Errr politicians duke it out?!?!? Why does the whole thing have to shut down???
    *shrug* baffled Canuck (and a very grateful gov employee)

    (Very good rant DV - Rick Mercer would be proud)

  2. I can't understand that it is allowed to happen. That a government can be put to a standstill due to stubbornness. However, for me as a simple European who can only grasp something of the American Politics cannot see why the health system cannot be changed? Some of our politicians thought it becoming to introduce the American way and it has become MORE expensive.. instead of less.

  3. Pardon me for intruding on someone else's blog, but I teach Political Science, and, in particular, American Government.

    Why does this happen? The short answer is that we have a divided government. Republicans hold the majority in the House, and only in the House. They cannot force the Senate to do anything, and they cannot force the President to do anything. So what they have done is to refuse to pass a budget unless they get their way and defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act. It is literally their ONLY tool to get what they want, and they are gambling everything on it.

    In fact, for many years, the debt ceiling vote was included as part of the budget. It was taken out (by Republicans) to use as a political tool to bring attention to the amount of debt accumulated by the United States government. Since then, both sides have abused it as a way to gain concessions from the other side.

    Why haven't they changed it? In part, because they don't really want to. They like having this shut-down threat as their ace-in-the-hole. Also in part, neither side has had the sufficient majority to push through such a change.

    The American government is designed for its default action to be inaction. This has complicated governing in modern times because of the size and complexity of our world. It takes a LOT of compromise and hog-trading to get a budget passed - there are 12 separate appropriation bills which must EACH pass two separate legislative houses and also gain the President's approval (neither side has had a majority in recent years that could override a veto).

    I would point out that the politicians in Washington ARE doing their jobs. Republicans are fighting to stop "Obamacare," which is what they believe the people who voted for them want. The Democrats are fighting to make sure it goes through, which is what they believe the people who voted for them want.

    Another piece to fit into all of this is that 90% of the Affordable Care Act came from John McCain's ideas in the 2008 campaign. It was praised by the Heritage Foundation as being a stroke of conservative masterpiece. Ask this: Why would a party vote against it's own Presidential platform? It isn't because of any policy problems, it's purely political.

    I'm aware this makes it sound like I'm blaming solely the Republicans, but I don't. Democrats have not done ANYTHING to sell this to the public. Because of that, Republicans are really not facing any public pressure to concede the result of an election they lost five years ago.

    1. Tomio...thanks so much for your comment. Whether supportive or against, comments are always welcome. I really do appreciate your input and knowledge on this, as it gives good insight to those that don't know how this works or the background info on how we got here. I will admit that most of what you said I know, while some I did not. I was coming at this from the average man's point of view and the view of most that see this happening, who do not have the knowledge you do. And even for me, in knowing what I do know, the whole thing still pisses me off. It should never get to this point, and I think that is the point. I will put in the disclaimer that I don't work for the government and have not directly been affected to this point by the shutdown. It's just my view and rant of a really screwed up situation. Thanks again, Tomio!

  4. Very well said! I'm quite the middle of the fence person, and I think both parties should be ashamed! If this had a like button I'd be hitting it!

  5. 40 people are sitting around having brunch and laughing because they have managed to totally hogtie the American people. This feels like a form of homegrown domestic terrorism to me. And we're sitting around and watching them do it to us. We are becoming an international joke--except it's not funny, even to the world. There is grave concern, globally, about the collapse of America's economy over this. I'm tired of all this sort of party bullshit. Leave my body to me to decide what to do with, and just get on with working out these issues. (The major stalling point is contraceptive care in the Obamacare model) If my kids did this nonsense? They'd get a butt swat and sent to time out.

    nilla, done ranting.

    1. There are a couple of female politicians that I would turn over my knee, raise their skirts up high, pull down their panties, and wallop their bare bottoms a truly blushing red. Their names are Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann.

  6. WOW DV.....how do you really feel? Don't hold back this time!! LOL
    I don't understand politics very much nor do I follow it and that is why I chose NOT to comment. But I do have a little common sense and that tells me there really is no right or wrong side. It's all in what you believe. Having said that I think that both sides need, from the words of a good man, "need to pull their heads out of their asses" and figure it out! All of this bullshit and we are the ones stuck in the middle.

    What would it be like if the average American ran their family like this or companies worked like this? If people couldn't agree on things then let's just walk away until one side gives in. What would that look like?

    Very well said DV!

    Subrina <3

  7. All of this certainly makes teaching my Government classes a little more interesting right now... thanks for sharing your thoughts, DV!!