August 28, 2013

The Passion...

Writing erotic stories is not my forte.  It's just not something I usually do.  It's not my writing style or what I tend to post on my blog.  Several years ago I wrote one, and had all but forgotten it until I found it on my computer a couple of days ago.  So, I thought to be different I would share it with you all.  It's not the best, by any means, but maybe someone out there in DV blogland will enjoy it.


The Passion

I am standing before you, and your back is against the wall.
You are wearing that sexy little dress, your heels and those
hot smooth legs showing. You grin at me while biting on your
bottom lip and slowly pull your dress up, exposing more
and more of your thigh. All I can do as I watch is get lost in
the curves of those sexy legs. There is the excitement of
what else is above what I can see, but still hidden under
your dress. You can see that I am getting hard inside my pants
as your eyes glance down while you look at me. It’s what you want and what you need.

I move towards you, put my hands on the wall on each side of
your head. I nuzzle my face against yours, as we can each
feel the breath of the other in our ear. Your hand has moved
up and is rubbing my chest. Your other hand moves up to the
back of my head, to hold me close, so I can't leave you.
I use the fingertips of one hand to lightly rub up and down
your arm. Your shoulders are against the wall, but your
hips have slightly moved out and towards me, like your pelvis
is reaching out to be touched. My hand moves down your side
and back up. I continue this as you begin slowly kissing
my neck and ear. Our breathing has picked up and is now heavier
than before, yet is in unison. With your hand still behind
my head, you finally move around to kiss me. Our lips brushing
each other, with tongues barely reaching beyond our lips.
Then we both lock up as tight as we can. Mouth to mouth, tongues
exploring each other. Our free hands have tightened their
grip in showing the pleasure of each of us. Once our kiss
breaks, you reach down and pull up your dress enough to get
your hands under it. You grab the top edges of your panties
and begin to pull them down. Once you get them so far, they
fall to the floor, and you step out of them.

You lean to me and whisper in my ear: "You make me soooo
wet". You know I like to hear you describe your state of arousal to me. You ask
me if I like what you are doing for me. Before I can do anything you reach
down under your dress and rub yourself briefly. Your hand
them comes up and I can smell your sweetness on your fingers.
You rub your finger on my lips and spread yourself around.
I lick my lips to have my taste. I then take your fingers and
slowly lick your juice from them. You taste so sweet, and
I have a deep desire to only want to taste more. Then I kiss
you deeply, as if I am trying to devour you. Then you say
"I love the way I taste in your mouth, may I please taste more?" Both of
us are so turned on that it is hard to contain the passion
that is inspired by the energy flowing between us. I grab
the hair on the back of you head and pull your head
back. I am kissing your throat and my way down your chest
to your cleavage, as far as I can go until your dress restricts
me. Then I take my tongue, in a very light fashion, and slowly
lick all the way back up your chest, your neck, cross your
chin, and into your mouth, where we begin to passionately
kiss once again. Your hand has made it's way down, and
is in search of my cock. But before you get there you ask if you can touch me.
You know not to do so without asking first. You have waited as long as you can.
You have to feel me. You have to have it, at least by touch. But you know I
will only let you when I decide. I tell you it’s ok and to proceed. You find it stretching down my leg, and wrap your dainty hand around it and squeeze. Then you rub up and down my length with squeezes mixed in every so many strokes. The time has
come for my manhood to be released. You want to feel the flesh
of it, and you have to feel it now or you think you will go crazy.

I decide it's time to move to a much more comfortable
location. As we head for the bed, I tell you to unzip your dress, which you do, letting
it fall to the floor. I stand there in awe as I look at the perfect
view from behind. The sweet curves of your hips and ass
as they stretch up across your back to your shoulders,
and down those sultry legs that I love so much. The entire
landscape is a sight to behold. And to know that it belongs to me.
I could just stare at it for hours as I unlock the mystery of every curve you have. As
you turn around and sit on the edge of the bed, you ask me if
I will kindly undress for you. You watch intently as I remove first
my shirt, and then my pants. You are anxiously waiting to
see my cock as I unwrap it from the clothes it is hidden beneath.
You have a sheepish grin on your face, like a kid in a candy store, as the
moment you see me gets closer and closer. While this is transpiring,
you have raised your legs slightly, and spread them wide for me.
I can see the glistening of your arousal I as look at you.
Your delicate flower is so beautiful, yet is more like a
venus fly trap. It is very enticing and just waiting for
it's prey to near so it can wrap itself around it's
prey in hopes of never letting it go.

As I lower my boxer's you finally get a vision of what
you have been waiting for. The time has come for you to give yourself to me like you have before. As you desire to do. As you need to do. My cock is perfect for you and everything you love. My cock is at full attention as I look back at you and your
spread beauty. Your hands begin to cup and squeeze your
tits and tweak your nipples. You are so excited about the
moment before you that your skin is flushed and you have
the look of not being sure what to do next, because you want
to do it all. I quickly tell you that you were not asked to touch yourself, and
your hands quickly fall to your side, as not to disappoint me. You know this direction was not given, but you had gotten lost in the moment.
As I look down, I can see a trickle of your wetness
dripping out of your swollen pussy, and running towards
your ass. I know how excited you are, as I am the same. Yet, your own pleasure
will come from mine, and you know this. Accept this. Love this. I tell you to touch your pussy the way I like to see. Your hand moves down across your tummy and to your wanting pussy. You begin to smear all the sweet nectar around making it
shine in the light like a beacon. As I walk to you, standing fully erect, my hard cock
is on a collision course with your mouth. I stop just short
of running into you. I tell you to smear yourself all over me. You raise your hand and begin to lubricate me with your own natural solution. You start at the head
of my cock, and work your way down my shaft. You have to get
your hand wet, by rubbing your own pussy, a couple of more
times in order to cover me completely. The smell of your
sexual existence, and the fact that you are rubbing it all
over me, is totally consuming me. In concert with your touch
up and down me, it is almost a complete overload to my senses. Yet, I am in control. I must keep control. I shall not show weakness. You look
up at me with an intent yet seductive look, staring me in
the eye as if to say "are you ready?" You love being
able to hold and stroke me. You also love being able to taste
yourself on my cock, and I know this. There is just something about the erotic
nature of tasting your own juices on me that almost makes
you cum at the anticipation of it.

I tell you to please proceed, and you know exactly what that means.
As you look down at me, you notice the pre-cum droplet forming
on the tip of my cock. You can see it mixing with the lubrication
you have already applied to me, and that is almost more than you
can take. You finally have been allowed move in, and it’s just what you have been wanting. With tongue out, you lean in and slowly lick the drop from me. Feeling me on your tongue and the taste of us both is all you had hoped it would
be. You continue slowly licking around the head of my cock,
while holding the base of it in one hand. You lift me up and
go down to the point where my shaft meets my scrotum. You
take your tongue and slowly, in one constant motion, lick
me all the way back up to the head. You pull my cock a bit to
the side and begin kissing and sucking on the shaft, starting
at the base and working your way up. My hand is running through
your hair, caressing your face, and gently pulling every
so often, in a response to the overwhelming feel of your
actions. You know how much it pleases me for you to do this. It also pleases you to know how much I am pleased. Finally you take the head of me in your mouth. I
love the warmth and wetness of the way you feel when you do
this. You gently suck and pull me out and do this several
times. You begin to take more and more of me into your mouth with each stroke of your mouth. It's almost as if you are in search of fresh juice of
your own production, up and down my cock. Because of my size,
you aren't sure if you can take all of me in, but you want
to more than anything. As you slowly try, I feel myself hit
the back of your throat. I look down, I see your lips wrapped
around me, I have the feel of your hot mouth, and you are still
trying to take me all in. It's like you trying to devour
every last part of me you can. I let out a moan that indicates
to you how much I like what you are doing. This just makes
you want it even more.

You can feel the energy flowing from my cock through your
entire body. The electricity sends tingles all over you
from your head to your toes. You feel your pussy slightly
throbbing as it so longs to be touched, to have some attention
paid to it, and most of all to be filled. My hand still running
through your hair makes it's way to the back of your
head. I cup your head with my hand, and begin to pull
your head onto my cock as you perform your own good deeds
to it. You begin to moan and I feel you get into it a bit more. The
more I pull on your head, the more aggressive your mouth
gets on my cock. It's like I pushed a button, and all
of a sudden you went into overdrive. You love when you feel forced to suck me.
Like if you tried to stop I would hold you on my cock and in your throat, until I decided you could relax. As you slow your speed down a bit, and you get on the down stroke, having me deep inside your mouth, I pull you onto me even more. It's
as if I'm trying to get deeper and deeper into your throat. I love to push your limits, both mentally and physically. Knowing you can’t take much more of me, yet in an effort to please me you keep trying with all your soul. You love this and are taking in as much of me as you can every time your mouth and lips slide down me. I look down
and see that your free hand is becoming antsy. I tell you it’s ok to touch yourself, and you immediately beginning stroking your pussy. Stroking the entire thing back and
forth, stopping every so often to tease and pay attention
to your swollen bud. You are also toying with your opening
and diving a couple of fingers inside yourself. The more
you touch yourself, the hotter and more excited and lost
in the moment you get. This translates as well to the more
into sucking my cock you are.

You want me to cum so bad you can hardly stand it. You want
to feel the pulse and the throb in your mouth. You beg me to cum for you.
“Please Sir, cum for me. I need to taste you. I need to know I’m pleasing you. You know how much I need it.” A few words of encouragement later, you continue you’re your excellent work. “Very soon you will have your wish” I tell you.
You can notice how my cock has swelled
and is now taking up more room in your mouth. You are sucking
on me with all you have, and teasing your own pussy at the
same time. Your rhythm slows just a bit and you can feel the
throb of my cock. I am pulling your head harder onto
me now as I feel myself nearing my explosion. I start telling
you "Make me cum! Make me cum! Oh god I'm going
to cum!" I feel your pace pick back up as you are doing
everything possible to get me there. You begin to have muffled
moans as you are also about to make yourself cum. I can tell by the
torsions of your body and the way you sound that you are getting there yourself,
but you don't dare slow down on me. Between your own self-pleasure, and pleasing your Master, it’s enough to make you explode. Yet you know that my pleasure comes first. No matter how much you want or need to cum, you don’t dare. And you know I can tell and will know if you do. You take your hand,
the one you have been using on yourself, and reach towards
my face. You want me to be able to taste all the juice that is covering
and dripping from your fingers, since you know how I enjoy that. As I taste the sweetness, you feel the pulses start in my cock, and then the explosion
as I unleash myself into your mouth. You take me in as deep
as you can, to feel me coat your throat. Feeling me shoot,
the taste and the pulses of my cock in your mouth is enough
to make your pussy begin to convulse on it’s own. It's a natural
spasm and reaction to the overload of your senses as all
this has come together at once. You slowly stop sucking
on me, and begin licking me, as my once rock hard cock begins
to subside. You know not to leave any of the gift I
have given you, not one drop, and you make sure to lick every last drop
of me you can find.

I lean down and begin to kiss and caress you once again. I praise you for your good work, and that brings a big smile to your face. You have once again brought that pleasure to me, and you so love that. You elate in looking at me and knowing I am happy with your actions. That you have been able to please me in such a way. You feel the warmth inside you as your enjoyment takes over your body. Knowing you not only did as I asked, but as you so love to do yourself. Once again, you have proven yourself to me, and you will be rewarded for that. I take my finger and wipe a little drop of cum off your chin, and put it in your mouth. I smile as I look at you and say “You missed a drop!”  


  1. Oh yes!!! that definitley hit the spot lol

    Loved it.


  2. DV:

    Thank You for sharing Your story. Definitely, my fantasy for this evening.

    Kisses xxxx

  3. So hot! Thanks for sharing


  4. I came tonight seeking

    Desiring of more
    Wanting to feel
    Needing penetration through the hazy numb
    that has encompassed my spirit

    I came tonight knowing
    Only you have what I long for

    And so I read......

    My heart is racing
    My head is light
    My breathing quick & shallow
    My arms are weak

    I don't dare stand up from this seat I rest in..... my legs won't hold me up
    I imagine you would grin if you could see the rapid rise & fall of my chest
    I imagine the sweet curl of your lips, rising into a sly smirk.
    I remember my thrill to know my excitement, curiosity & uncertainty brings you pleasure

    Your touch
    Your presence
    Your energy
    Your awareness
    Renews me
    Baffles me
    Lightens me
    Lifts me

    Your bond frees me
    Your strength weakens me
    Your hold releases me
    Your force softens me
    Your pause tenses me
    Your assuredness disarms me

    I haven't been here
    But I've never really gone away

    Thank you for posting ..... I'm glad I came. *smirking*

  5. Me likey! I know you said you don't "do" fiction but I thought it was a great story and would like to read more if you're ever so inclined.