February 4, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been blessed to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I'm not sure I'm "Very Inspiring", but it's very nice to be recognized.  I'll agree that every once in a while something profound seeps out of my mind, but not regularly.  Anyway, I am honored someone sees me that way.  

I was nominated by Cassaundra at Cassaundra With A Collar.  Thanks Dear!  

Apparently these are the rules:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. (Done)

2. Link back to the person nominating you (Done)

3. State 7 things about yourself.  (Oh Geesh)

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link back to them.  (See Below)

5. Notify these other bloggers and give them the award requirements.  (You are all hereby notified)

Well...hmmm...seven things about me.  

1. When I blog I don't have specific thoughts already in my head.  A scenario or situation comes to mind, I start writing, and it just flows from there. 
2. The one thing I want most in D/s I can't have.  And that is due to my own choices.  Sometimes we make sacrifices for what we feel is a greater good.  And no, I won't elaborate on that...at least until I'm ready to blog about it.
3. I've changed over time.  I've become more accepting.  More specifically in D/s, bdsm and kink.  I used to see some things and think people were total freaks.  Now, even though it may not be for me, I realize everyone is different and enjoys different aspects of this...and that's ok.  
4. I have learned not to settle for less than what I really want.  It's not worth it.  I may have to wait longer, or go through more to get it, but it's worth it...especially when it comes to finding a partner.
5. I have talked and emailed with people from all over the world because of this blog, due to other blogs and being emailed.  That has allowed me to reach people and have discussions I never would have otherwise.  That's just awesome to think about...all over the world!
6. Yes...I have real handcuffs that have been used on real criminals.  Real handcuffs hurt and are uncomfortable, if you've never used them.  Stick with rope, leather cuffs, straps or whatever.  Real cuffs aren't as great as they may sound.  LOL!
7. No one was there to bring me drinks and snacks during the Super Bowl.  I had to get them all for myself.  What's up with that?!?!  ;)

As for nominating other bloggers for this, I really do hate that.  I follow a lot of different blogs, and they are all great for their own reasons.  I always think this is a bit unfair to a great blog that may e left out.  So, rather than picking and choosing, please refer to "Blogs I Follow" on the left sidebar of my blog.  Lots of amazing people on there that share themselves, their lives, their experiences, and their fantasies.  Please take a look at them and maybe you will enjoy them too.  

Thanks again for the nomination, Cassaundra!  



  1. Yay!

    I nominated you too, but I suck at the notifying bit.. Ooops!


    I love learning new stuff about bloggers I love!

    1. Awww...Thanks for the nomination. I totally get the notifying thing. ;)

  2. Daddy has a pair of police issue handcuffs. OMG you're so right about that --totally not for play (he would use them as a prop for halloween. One day, mouse found them in a drawer...and really don't know why but she decided to put ONE side on....


    For one thing they are weighty...surprisingly so. Totally not built for comfort.

    But mouse couldn't find the key (you'd think he'd keep them all together but no). So mouse had to text him -- asking where he kept the key. He texted back asking why (reasonable). So mouse had to tell him that she had one side on her wrist.

    Meanwhile she's trying to wriggle her way out of the handcuff ... they make it look soooo easy on TV. Ya, no...didn't happen and it hurt like the dickens too.

    Finally he texted back saying "I am not sure." Now mouse is totally panicking. Really trying to get the thing off (if her thumb wasn't there it would have worked).


    Then a few minutes later he told mouse where the key was....Even that wasn't easy to do because she's not left handed (ha). Of course he couldn't resist letting mouse suffer a little for her curiosity.

    But when she finally did get it off, her wrist already had lots of bruises. And when he got home, he inspected mouse's wrist (lots of tsk-tsking) followed by a lecture....

    Ya...a serious blonde moment for mouse...and endless humor for him.


    1. That's too funny! But yes, you know exactly how uncomfortable they can be. They may look god in images and pictures, but for real play time...not so much.

      And you might be surprised how many times the police get calls to come un-cuff someone...at peoples home...in the bedroom...no key to be found. LOL!

  3. Good plan -- follow the rules you want -- I would expect no less



    1. I don't stray too far outside the lines. (cough cough) ;)

  4. I am blessed to have made your acquaintance DV, and thanks for the info about real handcuffs. I always thought they'd be ouchy cos like, um, all metal and all, but the confirmation from you and mouse is definitely appreciated :)

  5. Always glad to be able to provide you with useful real world information. :)

  6. You deserve to be recognized for being the inspiration you are... Congratulations DV! I'm very happy for you!!
    Your words always inspire me. :)

    Subsmitten Kitten

  7. Congrats DV! Your words are very inspiring and I feel incredibly lucky to know you.