June 16, 2013


The past few months have been a very trying time for me in my life.  Not in regards to this lifestyle, but in my personal life.  But then again, I guess it has affected me within this lifestyle as well.  How could it not?!?!

The company I work for was sold a little over a year ago.  This brought on a lot of uncertainty...a lot of change...a lot of transition.  It also brought on a lot of add work and stress as I had to not only maintain my regular responsibilities, but also constantly help gather and compile information so we could integrate into the company that bought us.  This new company has locations all over the US, our location they purchased in the southeast, and corporate offices in the NE.  I affectionately refer to corporate as "The Mothership".

A couple of months ago, just before this integration into the mothership was completed, I was offered a new position with the company.  For all practical purposes, this was a promotion.  My work and efforts had been noticed and my value apparently realized.  Not knowing any better, after some consultation with my family, I accepted the job.  This position has never been done outside of the mothership before, but they agreed to let me work from my current location, with frequent visits to the mothership from my satellite location via my transporter known as Southwest or Delta Airlines.   It's a good thing because being a southern boy, if they had said I had to move to the northeast, then they would lose out on me and I would be without a job.  Not happening!

Although excited about this new position, what I didn't fully realize was the amount of work that was involved.  Not to mention new computer systems that I had never been on before and duties I had no clue about.  Literally, my coverage and load increased by 500%, and with moving slow due to the learning curve of it all, overwhelmed can't even come close to describing what I was feeling.  Frequent travel involved as well, and stressed more than ever before in my life, has had me in a place it has been very hard to cope.  Luckily I can say that after a couple of months I am settling in and getting a firm grip on things.  Travel will remain in the picture and the workload will remain as well, but I at least am learning how to handle it all day in and day out.

As is probably obvious, my involvement in this lifestyle has taken a back seat the past few months.  I have had some relationships that have suffered because of this as well.  I have not balanced everything in the best of ways, but at the same time I haven't had much choice.  I have had to learn to balance things the best I can between personal life and my career.  I have given my all where I can, and where I can't...well...it has suffered.  Hopefully things are now on the upswing as I get more settled into my new norm of chaos.  Or at least I'm trying.

For those that have emailed to check on me, thank you for doing so.  I haven't totally disappeared, I just haven't had much time to write or even read and keep up with the blogs I follow.  I hope to eventually be able to look back at this time in my life, reflect on it, and see how it has made me a better and stronger person.  Time will tell.  In the mean time, I'll be around, albeit likely not as much as before.  But, I'll still be the DV Dominant you have come to know and will still be lurking around.  I hope you all stay kinky and stay true to yourselves and this lifestyle. No matter what happens with work for me, this will always be a part of me and my life.  I hope it stay a part of yours as well.



  1. I am glad you are finally feeling settled and getting into a groove! Welcome back :) Ax


    I am sure that I speak for everybody when I say that your words of wisdom have been greatly missed.

    Congratulations on the promotion. I know what it is like to have a career that is insane! It is hard to make time when it seems you career is trying to completely consume you (thankfully I don't have that problem anymore).

    I am sure you will strike that balance soon enough and get some sembalance of order back in your life.

    Good luck!
    LK =^.^=

  3. Nice to see you pop up on my dashboard again.
    Hope things continue to even out.

  4. DV.....so glad that you're back! Congrats on the promotion and happy to hear that you're settling in and figuring things out.

    While I was reading this post it totally reminded me of getting into this lifestyle. It has been trying and you have to learn to figure things out. It's exciting but kind of scary. You just described everything I felt/feel about starting this lifestyle.

    Glad you're back, I've missed your communication!

  5. hi DV congrats on your promotion and look forward to hearing from you when your ready enlighten your readers with your words of wisdom...smiles

    blossom x

  6. It's interesting how the different segments of our lives seem to be like balls on one of those kinetic sculptures. We spend much of our lives trying to get those balls to swing in the pattern and at the speed that works for us and those we love. Then, out of the blue, some unseen force bops one of the balls and there we go again.

    I admire that you have chosen to take a deep breath and get on with the rebalancing.


  7. Welcome back!! I have missed so reading your posts all this long weeks! ;) It is so good to see you pop up on my dashboard again.

    p.s. My heartfelt congratulations on your new job!

  8. Congratulations on your promotion. Hoping it settles into a comfortable norm soon.


  9. If anyone can handle a stressful situation, it is you. Miss you and be well. Dont worry about us followers...we will be fine and egarly await your next post.