August 23, 2012

Revisiting an old topic...

First of all, let me say thanks to those that have sent messages and checked on me.  I know I have been absent and quiet for a while.  I went on vacation, then school started, and work has been busy.  But, I am alive and well and still kicking strong as always. 

A weird phenomenon happened to me recently.  It was a first, and I have never experienced anything like it when it comes to my writing.  Over a year ago I put one of my post from here, written in October 2010, on my Fetlife profile.  It got a few comments here and there, but not much more.  No big deal, and I never thought much about it.  Around Monday of this week a few people read and commented and it took off from there.  It was like a giant snowball that was heading downhill and gaining speed.  Over the next three days, that post has gotten 275 comments and an additional 875 "likes".  I haven't even begun to be able to keep up with all the action on it. It has been amazing.

I'm not just tooting my own horn.  I do have a point to this.  LOL!  There will always be a few people that disagree with a topic, but 98% of the comments received have been overly positive and thankful.  The post really seemed to strike a chord with those who read it, Dom and sub alike.  Most of you may be familiar with the post, but some may not be.  So, I thought I would bring it back to the forefront here, as there may be someone that this will help...or at least give someone some better understanding.

The post is...Submissive Emotions and the Dominant.



  1. A very well written and honest post, its funny i wrote something similar a few posts back about how we think something will be (in my case consensul slavery) very rarely lives up to how actually is and its the idea of it thats more appealing.

    Its a lot of commitment and communication from both..and its far more than kinky sex and s/m.


  2. DV,

    I can see why this post had so many comments. I have never read a better writing on the topic of D/s relationships.


  3. Brilliant. Thanks for republishing.

  4. I remember this post well, it is one of my favorites. you have been missed.

  5. Wow! Spot on! I'm new to the lifestyle and new to your blog. I'm so glad to have found it. My Sir understands, but he is new to the lifestyle as well. I sent him the link, and will likely link it in one of my own blog posts. Love, love, love the post!